CRT as a Service


Persona-Based Testing

  • Focuses on creating test cases based on specific user personas or roles
  • Simulates real-world usage scenarios with virtual users having distinct personas
  • Ensures comprehensive coverage of diverse user requirements

Data-Driven Testing Frameworks

  • Use data sets as input for executing multiple tests with varied inputs
  • Parameterize test data to automate repetitive tasks
  • Facilitate easy modification of test data without altering code
  • Identify issues related to incorrect input handling or validation errors

End-to-End (E2E) Testing Frameworks

  • Enable low-code test case creation, simplifying test development
  • Offer ease of implementation and usage even for complex scenarios
  • Provide access to a rich repository of pre-configured test cases covering various industry standards
  • Feature built-in reporting and dashboard capabilities to facilitate monitoring, analysis and even triggering the email
  • Optimizes effort required to prepare and execute test scripts.

Keyword-Driven Testing Framework (Copado Robotic Testing)

  • Uses predefined keywords or actions to represent functions, operations, or steps in a test cases.
  • Let’s automation engineers to define custom actions (keywords) for common functionalities within their applications
  • Supports maintainability and scalability of automated tests
  • Encourages collaboration, allowing team members to contribute to test creation and maintenance
  • Streamlines test case updates when changes occur in the underlying application logic

Benefits of CRT

Increased in Test Coverage50%
Reduced Release Cycles25%
Increased in Overall Test Automation Delivery60%