Salesforce DevOps with CloudFulcrum OpsBridge

Integrate, Orchestrate, and Automate for DevOps Excellence

CloudFulcrum OpsBridge

OpsBridge integrates key tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, and GitHub Actions and orchestrates CI/CD pipelines for seamless release management.

OpsBridge: The Salesforce DevOps platform

OpsBridge unifies ALM and simplifies orchestration to help teams strengthen agility, quality, and velocity across massive multi-org Salesforce environments.
Benefits of OpsBridge

Agile Velocity

Help teams by automating tasks, making deployments faster, and giving them more time to be creative and innovative.

Effective Collaboration

Shows the whole development picture, helping teams work together better and understand each other more.

Improved Stability

Thorough testing and careful deployments minimize mistakes, making applications more stable and smooth user experiences.

Flawless Releases

Ensures timely, precise releases, minimizing bottlenecks, and smooth deployments.

"CloudFulcrum guided us throughout the implementation and we were able to reach them easily whenever we encountered minor issues"
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The Fab Four Features

Lean Deployments
It analyzes Git logs to pinpoint changes, creating custom metadata bundles that ensure only necessary components are deployed.
SF StoryTracker
OpsBridge's SF Story Tracker syncs Jira and Salesforce, providing real-time updates, environment-specific statuses, and streamlined task management.
Delta Deployments
The delta deployment plug-in updates XML files with specific XML tags, removing unwanted references and dependencies.
Dynamic Apex Testing
OpsBridge's dynamic apex test execution automates the testing of custom Apex code.

Case Studies

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