Implementation Services


Copado Training – Setup & Administration 

  • Install and Configure Copado on Training Environment
  • Copado Administration – User Management, Sandbox Registration, GIT Integration, ALM Integration (Jira/ADO), API Keys, Webhooks, CDC etc.,
  • Configure Copado Pipeline on Training Environment

Copado Training – Core Features

  • Copado Features – Commit, Merge, Deploy, Releases, back-promotion
  • Salesforce Metadata best practices – Picklists, layouts, profiles, permission sets, Apex Classes, LWC, Aura Bundles, Conflict Resolution, Apex Testing and Code Coverage
  • Quality Gates – Connection Behaviors, Apex PMD, Pull Requests, Automation Templates
  • Best Practices – Back-Promotion, Sandbox Refresh, Direct changes in higher environments etc.,
  • Compliance Hub (Based on license)

Data Deployer

  • Training on the concepts of Data Deployer – Data Templates, Data Sets, Data Commits for CPQ
  • Data Deployments with parent-child relationships
  • Data Masking

Copado Integrations – Vlocity/ Salesforce CPQ/nCino/Mulesoft

  • Discuss Copado Integration Capabilities
  • Setup environments for data commits/data deployments
  • Run 3 end-to-end scoped business scenarios with Copado Pipelines

CRT Setup & Training

  • Configure Copado CRT robots on training environments.
  • Training on the Core CRT features.
  • Workshop to automate 3 end-to-end business scenarios with CRT.

Copado Go-Live

  • Install and Configure Copado on the Production Environment
  • Setup user management, Salesforce Orgs and GIT Repositories
  • Integrate with ALM Tools like Jira / ADO
  • Configure CI/CD Pipelines with Copado
  • Setup Connection behaviors and Quality Gates
  • Setup DevOps metrics with CloudFulcrum Extensions Package (CFX)

Copado Post-Go-Live Support

  • Setup review sessions to ensure that teams work with the Copado pipeline efficiently.
  • Ensure one smooth production release with Copado.